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Online Registration is now open!

Click the white arrows to open up the instructions for each step.


Do you need to fill out a free/reduced lunch application?

If you qualified for free/reduced lunch last year or will be filling out a new application this year, DO NOT PAY ANY FEES ONLINE. Free/reduced lunch applications need to be filled out each year. All of the instructions and forms can be found at the link below:

Free/Reduced Lunch Application information

Do you want to pay online?

You can pay for your fees online using PaySchools using credit, debit, or a bank account. You will not need to visit the school for registration! (But please don't pay any fees online if you were on the free/reduced program last year or are planning to fill out an application this year!)

  • Add the book fees for all of your students to your cart
  • HS Students in Band or Chorus -- need band uniform or vocal robe rental fees. 
  • 6th Grade Band and JH Band have band fees
  • If your student rents a band instrument, you can add the rental fee.
  • Pay for Memory Books (PK-8) or Yearbooks (9-12)
  • Add lunch money to student's lunch accounts
  • Student and adult athletic tickets can be purchased through PaySchools.
  • You will receive an emailed receipt from Sandy Dengler.
  • If you have any additional fees that need to be paid, she will let you know. You can use PaySchools to pay those as well. If they don't fit one of the existing categories, you can use Miscellaneous on PaySchools.

Fees paid online between July 1 and July 31 are automatically discounted by $10. From August 1 to August 6, fees are automatically discounted by $5.

Use PaySchools to pay fees online. 

Do you want to pay in person?

We will hold a single in-person registration day for school fee payment. This is on August 6, 2018, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm in the Main Office. We will not take walk-in registrations prior to this date. If you cannot make it on this date, you may come to the Main Office from 8:00am to 4:00pm on August 7-22, 2018, but be aware that you will be charged the full book fee price.

IMPORTANT: You will need to use a computer or a tablet to complete your registration forms, it will not work on a phone. Our Registration application does NOT work in Internet Explorer. Please use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit the Traer Public Library or come to the main office at school. We have a computer set up for registration.

If you already have a Parent Portal account and you remember your login information

You will need to login to your Parent Portal account and complete the Annual Student Registration forms for all of your students.

Registration Instructions

Login to PowerSchool

If you have a Parent Portal account and don't remember your login information

The Parent Portal has a "Forgot Username or Password" reset option on the login screen. If you are unable to recover your account using that, please contact Suzanne at for help.  

If you don't have a Parent Portal account

Please contact Suzanne for assistance.

If you do not have access to all of your students in your Portal Account

Please contact Suzanne for assistance.

North Tama uses SwiftK12 to send notices about attendance, lunch balances, cancellations/delays, report cards, and as well as general school information.

After you have completed Step 2, above, in the Parent Portal, please visit the SwiftK12 Alert Preferences page to review your notification preferences. Please note that if you changed any of your contact information on the Annual Student Registration forms, that it will not show up in the SwiftK12 alert preferences immediately. It will update within 24 hours, so don't be concerned.

Instructions for updating SwiftK12 alert preferences