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General Statement

North Tama County Community School District has made every effort to ensure that the content on this website is accessible to everyone, including users of assistive technology. We use the Section 508 standard to develop and maintain this website. 


While we make every effort to ensure our web pages meet accessibility requirements, you may occasionally find a page that has been neglected. If you are having trouble accessing any of our pages or documents, please let us know and we will provide the requested information in an alternative format.

This website integrates with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. These services are provided by their respective companies, and we are not responsible for their adherence to accessibility standards.

Reporting accessibility issues

If you are using assistive technology and are having problems accessing parts of the site, please contact our webmaster by clicking the link below to send us an email.If possible, please copy/paste the URL of the web page that you are reporting with an accessibility issue. Please provide a short narrative describing the accessibility issue you are experiencing.

Email the webmaster