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Bus Discipline Policy


Every time a student violates a bus rule raises the chance the driver is distracted.

Every time the driver is distracted raises the chance of an accident happening.

Therefore, every time a student violates a bus rule, he or she directly raises the chance of the bus being in an accident!

To assist us in assuring the safety of all children riding our buses, the North Tama School District has established a school bus discipline policy. This policy will provide the principals with adequate authority to maintain discipline on our buses. All bus rules will be strictly enforced. This will apply to all district vehicles including activity buses.

Students will be informed of the bus rules and consequences on the first day of school. Thereafter, all students will be held accountable for their behavior. It is suggested that all parents review the following bus safety rules with their children prior to the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. The assistance of parents will greatly reduce the possibility of behavior problems and thereby greatly improve the safety of all riders.

David Hill, Superintendent


  • School bus riders shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner. The use of profane language is prohibited.
  • Bus drivers have authority over all students riding their buses and they have the responsibility for the safety of passengers.
  • All school vehicles and all those rented or leased by the district are an extension of the classroom and school. Therefore, students are subject to all school rules while riding school vehicles.
  • Students shall follow the directions of the bus driver. Failure to do so will be considered a serious offense.
  • The student shall be at the designated loading point before the bus arrival time. Students will be notified of the approximate pick-up time. Because of last minute changes by some riders, these times can vary. Everyone’s cooperation will be appreciated.
  • A student must notify the driver in advance when he/she will not be riding the bus. This notice should be given the night before if at all possible.
  • Eating and drinking on school vehicles will be permitted providing wrappers and containers are disposed of properly. If these materials are left on the floor and students fail to comply with the driver's directions regarding food and drink, the driver may prohibit food and beverages for a specified period of time.
  • Respectful communications among riders and between riders and driver shall be observed at all times.
  • Riders shall observe the “quiet” rule when the bus is approaching and crossing railroad tracks.
  • A student must wait for the bus in his/her driveway or on the shoulder of the road.
  • A student who must cross the roadway to board or depart from the bus shall pass in front of the bus (no closer than ten (10) feet), look in both directions, and proceed to cross the road only on signal from the driver.
  • All students shall be received and discharged through the right front entrance door. The EMERGENCY door is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Unauthorized use of the EMERGENCY door may result in a five (5) day suspension from riding the bus.
  • A student will depart from the bus at the designated point unless written permission to get off at a different location is given to the driver by the parents or school authority.
  • A student may be assigned a seat by the driver.
  • Riders shall remain in a normal, seated position while the bus is in motion. Books and other belongings shall be kept out of the aisles.
  • Students are not permitted to play with toys on the bus. Toys must be kept stored in a container while on the bus.
  • Permission to open windows must be obtained from the driver. All articles and objects shall remain within the walls of the bus until the student departs.
  • Quiet talk and subdued laughter at all times will help prevent the diversion of the driver’s attention, thus averting the possibility of an unnecessary and serious accident.
  • A student who damages seats or other equipment will be required to pay the cost for the repairs or replacement.
  • Guests will not be permitted to ride home with regular route students without the written permission of the parents involved. This will be strictly enforced. Mandatory notes should be given to your student’s elementary teacher. JH/HS students should deliver their notes to the secondary office. The transportation secretary will be notified and inform the bus driver involved.
  • The principals will enforce all school rules and all bus rules. Consequences for breaking school rules or bus rules while riding a bus will include the following:
    1. In school suspension.
    2. Out of school suspension.
    3. Short term suspension from riding school vehicles for a period of time.
    4. Detention.
    5. Loss of riding privileges for remainder of school year.
  • Students who are not regular route students are subject to all bus rules and school rules while riding school vehicles. This includes students riding activity buses. Students who violate bus or school rules while riding an activity bus will be subject to consequences from the principal as well as from the activity sponsor or coach.