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Is your preschooler your only North Tama student?

Preschool students who will be age 4 on or before September 15, 2019 do not have any tuition fees. You can skip step 1, unless you want to purchase an optional memory book. You will receive instructions via email with the information you need in order to create accounts in PaySchools Central (our payment processing provider) and PowerSchool (our school information system). You will need to complete steps 2 and 3 below, as these are important to ensure we have accurate contact information on file.

Does your preschooler have older siblings?

Your preschool student with older siblings has already been added to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. You can complete the registration forms in step 2 and the alert settings in step 3 at the same time that you do your other students.

You will not have assigned school fees for your preschooler, however you can purchase an optional memory book in PaySchools Central. You will receive an email with information about how to claim your student in PaySchools Central.

Do you need to fill out a free/reduced lunch application?

If you qualified for free/reduced lunch last year or will be filling out a new application this year, DO NOT PAY ANY FEES ONLINE. Free/reduced lunch applications need to be filled out each year. All of the instructions and forms can be found at the link below:

Free/Reduced Lunch Application information (link to website)

Do you want to pay online?

We have upgraded to PaySchools Central for our fee payment system. 

PaySchools Central -- Create an account (PDF Instructions)

You will need the unique student IDs for each of your students. 

PaySchools Central Link (link to website)

Do you want to pay in person?

We will hold a single in-person registration day for school fee payment. This is on August 5, 2019, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm in the Main Office. We will not take walk-in registrations prior to this date. If you cannot make it on this date, you may come to the Main Office from 8:00am to 4:00pm on August 6-22, 2019, but be aware that you will be charged the full book fee price.

IMPORTANT: You will need to use a computer or a tablet to complete your registration forms, it will not work on a phone. Our Registration application may not work in Internet Explorer. Please use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit the Traer Public Library or come to the main office at school. We have a computer set up for registration.

If you already have a Parent Portal account and you remember your login information

You will need to login to your Parent Portal account and complete the Annual Student Registration forms for all of your students.

Registration Instructions (PDF instructions)

Login to PowerSchool (link to website)

If you have a Parent Portal account and don't remember your login information

The Parent Portal has a "Forgot Username or Password" reset option on the login screen. If you are unable to recover your account using that, please contact Suzanne at for help.  

If you don't have a Parent Portal account

Preschool parents and parents new to North Tama for the 2019-2020 should check their email for instructions on how to create an account. If your student is not new to North Tama this year, please contact Suzanne for assistance.

If you do not have access to all of your students in your Portal Account

Incoming preschool students were added to existing parent portal accounts where possible. If you are still missing someone, please contact Suzanne for assistance.

North Tama uses SwiftK12 to send notices about attendance, lunch balances, cancellations/delays, report cards, and as well as general school information.

After you have completed Step 2, above, in the Parent Portal, please visit the SwiftK12 Alert Preferences page to review your notification preferences. Please note that if you changed any of your contact information on the Annual Student Registration forms, that it will not show up in the SwiftK12 alert preferences immediately. It will update within 24 hours, so don't be concerned.

Instructions for updating SwiftK12 alert preferences


Elementary class lists will be posted in August. We will send emails and post on social media when those are available.

Junior High and High School Schedules are visible in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, however they are not complete. With the transition to a new School Counselor, we will still be finalizing the schedule through the beginning of August. If you have questions about schedules, please keep an eye on communication from the school as we will post further information about how to get in touch with us with any questions or changes.



  • My student requested an elective that is not on their schedule
    • We are still finalizing the scheduling of electives, so it may still be added to their schedule. However, in many cases, the elective probably did not fit in their schedule. It is particularly tricky to get younger students in electives, since they have so many requirements.
  • My student wants to change their schedule
    • As mentioned above, because we are still finalizing the schedule and transitioning to a new counselor, we are not able to take schedule change requests at this time. Keep an eye out for communications via email, social media, and this website for updates on how you can communicate those questions and changes to us.

Elementary Back to School Night: Thursday, August 22, 2019, 5:30 to 6:45

7th Grade Orientation: Thursday, August 22, 2019, 6:30pm MPR

9th Grade Orientation: Monday, August 19, 2019, 7:00pm MPR

iPad Checkout: TBD