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2018-2019 Calendar Changes

North Tama Announces Makeup Days


The last day of school for the 2018-2019 school year will be Friday, May 31.  

School will now be in session on May 3 (which was designated as a built-in make-up day), March 11, April 8, and May 13 (which were originally scheduled to be teacher professional development days), and on May 28-31. Seniors will attend school on the announced make-up days prior to their graduation, but the last day of school for the seniors will not change. 

The adjusted calendar will create a cushion of additional hours above the state-required minimum that will enable the district to conclude the school year without going into the month of June. In other words, if we have another snow day between now and then, we will not plan to make it up unless the cushion is completely exhausted again. 

You should also note that under this plan, we will not be making up the days of school missed on February 12, 13, and 20. Teachers will report to work June 3, 4 and 5 (or an agreement may be reached for an alternate work schedule for the teachers) and may work additional hours on any upcoming canceled days if additional cancellations occur. Our adjusted calendar will meet the instructional hours required by law and the number of work days in the teacher contract.

Canceled Makeup Day
1/22 May 3
1/23 March 11
1/24 April 8
1/25 May 13
1/28 May 28
1/29 May 29
1/30 May 30
1/31 May 31
2/12 Not made up
2/13 Not made up
2/20 Not made up
Additional canceled days Not made up (Unless we run out of hours