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January 2019 Board Minutes
Posted 2/1/19

Regular Meeting of the Board

January 14 ,2019


1) Call to Order:  At 7:00 p.m. Board President Rod Zobel called the meeting to order. Present were board members Rod Zobel, Val Bradley, Doug Dvorak, Cheryl Popelka and David Calderwood. Absent were Mona Larsen and Tiffany Feisel.  Also, in attendance were Superintendent David Hill, Principals Josh Youel and Andrew Meister, Board Secretary Terrill Karr and David Boldt.


2) Public Forum:

Letter from Gladbrook-Reinbeck CSD: Notification of Terminating the Sharing Agreement for Sharing an Ag Ed Teacher/FFA Advisor, effective at the end of the year.


Letter from Jim Schultz: Mr. Schultz taught here for three years starting in 1980.  He’s retiring from teaching this spring and wanted to thank North Tama for giving him his start in education.


3) Approve Agenda:  Calderwood made the motion to approve the consent agenda.  Bradley seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0. (Larsen and Feisel absent).


4) Consent Agenda:       

a. Approve Minutes of December 17, 2018 Board Minutes

            b. Approve Inter-Agency Agreement for Education Services-None

            d. Approve Out-Of-State Trip Request: None

            e. Approve Fundraiser Requests:  FCCLA: Fundraiser for Blank Children’s Hospital & Valentines         Cookies/Carnations

            e. Financial:

i.           Expenditures to Date and Approval of Bills

            1. Year-To-Date

            2. Monthly Balances

                                    3. Detailed Check Register

                                    4. Expenses to Published Budget


f.    Personnel

  1.       Resignations:

Jennifer Ambrose            Special Ed Associate

                           ii.         Appointments & Adjustments: None

                        iii.        Termination of Contract: None


Calderwood made the motion to approve the consent agenda. Dvorak seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0. 

(Larsen and Feisel absent).     


5) Second Reading of Policy Series 200 (Board of Directors): Dvorak made the motion to approve the second reading of Policy Series 200.  Bradley seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0. (Larsen and Feisel absent).


6) Review of Staff Sharing Agreements:  Sharing agreements were reviewed.  All of our current agreements have an automatic renewal clause, so it would take board action to end any of the agreements and no board action means the agreements will be renewed.  No motions were offered, so no action was taken to end any of the agreements. 


7) Resolution to Consider Participation in the Instructional Support Program and to schedule a Public Hearing:  Bradley made the motion to approve the resolution to consider participation in the Instructional Support Program and to schedule a public hearing to be held February 11, 2019.   Dvorak seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote. (Larsen and Feisel absent).


8_Discussion about Principal Salary/Benefits: Discussion was held regarding the salary and benefits for the new Elementary Principal.  It was the board’s consensus that if the new principal is qualified and willing to also serve as technology director, it would be appropriate to offer a salary that is comparable to the starting salary of our current secondary principal/AD, depending on administrative experience.   To date, 21 applications had been received, with the application deadline approaching on January 27th


9) Reports:

a. Elementary Principal:  The Holiday Gift Shop profit was $2232!  This money will go towards Redhawk Reading Assembly and the Book Author visit. 4th -6th graders raised $246 for the Food Pantry along with food and hygiene products. Thank you to the NT nurses who often times average 50 students visit a day! Jan 16th is Free vision screening and Jan 29th Free Hearing screening and Jan 28th through Feb 2nd Free sealants/fluoride screening.

Iowa School Performance k-6th had a score of 50.64 which the national average is 54.91, well done!


b. High School Principal: Secondary Leadership team had been preparing for Iowa Assessments in March. Although secondary has met the goal on the Iowa School Performance they are still going to do the assessment voluntarily.  Ms. Hampton,1st year English teacher has put in an extensive amount of work preparing for second semester!  


c. Superintendent:  Superintendent Hill encouraged board members to establish contact with their state legislators and reviewed possible legislation that may be addressed this year.  He reported that the school’s health insurance consortium is considering a rate increased for next year, and that it could be in the range of a 5% increase depending on possible changes in coverage.  He will attend two meetings in the near future to learn more and to vote on behalf of the district.  Hill also shared with the board his concern about the shortage of applicants for special ed associate positions, and that North Tama may need to make these positions more attractive through better pay and/or benefits in order to attract more candidates and retain the outstanding associates that we already have on our staff. 


10) Adjournment:   At 8:45 Popelka made the motion to adjourn.  Bradley seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0. (Larsen and Feisel absent).





____________________________________                        _______________________________________


Rod Zobel, Board President                                               Terrill Karr, Board Secretary






The next regular scheduled board meeting will be February 11,2019 at 7:00 in the ICN room