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Our Journey 1:1


Fall 2011-Technology team established

March 2012-Meeting with Kuno representatives

April 2012-Kuno presentation to the staff

April 2012-Technology Plan established - quotes sought

April  2012-Survey of staff- Willingness to spend person time to go 1:1

May 2012-First presentation to the school board First Board Meeting (PDF)

July 2013-Major infratructure upgrade with Meraki Access Points and new fiber

September 2012-Kuno Presentation to the School Board

October 2012-Teachers traveled to Cardinal and Columbus

October 2012-Apple presented to School Board.

October 2012-Second presentation to the board regarding visits.

November 2012-Compared quotes from Apple and Kuno using comparative numbers.

Why we chose Kuno- Final Proposal to School Board (PDF)

November 2012  Community meeting

December 2012 School board vote

December 21, 2012 Order placed

February 2013 Teacher Devices Received

February 2013 Staff training

May 2013 Staff training

May 2013 App Share meetings after school

June 2013 Additional Curriculum Loft training

August 6, 2013 Registration of devices

August 12, 13,14, 2013 Deployment nights

August 13, 2013 Curriculum Loft training for teachers, including Automate