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Spring 2018 iPad Buyback


Secondary Families:
As you may have heard, this summer North Tama will be updating the iPads used by our secondary students. We want to offer our families the opportunity to purchase their student’s current device.
Here are the details:

  1. Price is $100 per iPad. This includes the student’s iPad, lightning cord, power adapter, and case.
    • We will not make any trades or replacements of devices or accessories. Students will get the device they have been using during the 2017-2018 school year.
    • If the student no longer has a working cord and/or power adapter, there will not be any discounts.
    • Devices are being sold AS-IS with no warranty and no technical support. Parents must sign a waiver acknowledging this.
  2. Devices will be erased and removed from our management system during the last week of school. After they’ve been erased, students are not allowed to bring their iPad to school.
  3. Payment and the waiver must be brought to the Main Office during the week of May 14-18. The deadline is 3:30 p.m. on May 18. The week of May 14-18 is the only time this offer is available.
    • Cash or checks may be brought to the Main Office.
    • Credit or Debit can be done through PaySchools using the Miscellaneous Category. Choose Miscellaneous and then enter $100 for the amount.

If you are interested in purchasing your student’s device, you can find a copy of the waiver on the school’s website at

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Rea at or 319-478-2265.